German Shepherds vom Silberwald

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I stood by your bed last night

I came to have a peep

I could see that you were crying

You found it hard to sleep

I whined to you softly

As you brushed away a tear

It's me - I haven't left you

I'm well     I'm fine    I'm here

I have so many things to show you

There is so much for you to see

Be patient, live your journey out

Then come home safe to me

This page is dedicated to our dogs who are waiting at the rainbow bridge

We recently lost our beloved LUKAS VOM ROBINIENHAIN.

Lukas will always have  a special place in my heart and was loved and admired by many

Lukas vom Robinienhain 14. Nov 2005 - 5. Mai 2012




Spruell's Candy

Candy was always happy! She blessed us with many great babies and her spirit lives on in her sons and daughters - LOVE AND MISS YOU, MY CANDY -GIRL

Spruell's Tuff Enough

Our Tuff, and he lived up to his name!

He always was our fearless protector and one of our foundation sires

Tuff and Candy always operated as a team and were inseparable.


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German Shepherds vom Silberwald